I am the Anxious Adult

I am the Anxious Adult

This is an about me post, about why and how the Anxious Adult was created.  

My name is Liz.  I have been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, and I also had Postpartum Depression, Postpartum Anxiety, and Postpartum Psychosis. I don't list these out as badges or credentials, but in transparency.  I had/have these conditions. 

Over the years I have been on medications such as Prozac, Klonopin, and Abilify.  I have been in therapy.  I have managed my diet and exercise.  I have done yoga.  I have meditated.  No one thing works or doesn't work at any given time.  All these things are tools in my toolbox to manage my mental illness. 

I'm not a doctor.  I'm just telling you my experience so that you don't feel bad or weird about yours.  Medicated?  Great.  Using nutrition and exercise to manage your mental health?  Super cool.  Need to do a combo of meds and nutrition?  Been there.  Trying something new after 10 years?  Go for it, do what works.  But please, do it under the supervision of your doctor!  Do it with your support system (whoever they may be) being aware that you're making changes so they can keep an eye out for changes in your behavior.  I have no place for shame.  I have no place for right or wrong when it comes to managing mental health.  I come here to tell you what I've experienced and the things that have worked for me.  I AM NOT A DOCTOR, I WAS TOO SCARED TO HAVE ANYONE'S LIFE IN MY HANDS, DO NOT TAKE MEDICAL ADVICE FROM THE INTERNET AND 100% DO NOT SEEK OR TAKE MEDICAL ADVICE FROM ME, THE ANXIOUS ADULT. 

I share my stories and struggles so that others feel less alone.   That's it. I recommend products and services that I like.  Sometimes I get paid a commission for those (and I'll tell you) and sometimes I don't.  Did you have a different experience with something than I did?  Cool, you probably would because we are different people.  Feel free to comment and tell me and my readers about that different experience.  BUT, if you're mean, nasty, rude, or any of the other adjectives I can't think to type right now, I'm going to delete your comment.  This blog is my free speech, and I live by the idea that if your 'free speech' limits the rights, freedom, or safety of others, it's not welcome here.  I get to decide that, not a court of law.  Just don't be a jerk.  Can we agree that we're not gonna be jerks?  Pretty simple rules. 

I am also human, I'm not trying to be a jerk, but I am open to constructive criticism if I fuck up.  Let me know.  I'd appreciate if you didn't put me on blast when I do and that you send me a DM or email, but either way, I'll take stock of what I did or said and try to make it right.  I'm learning.  A lot. 

Professionally, I'm a project manager by trade.  I work as a consultant and run the Anxious Adult on the side.  I have my MBA, I'm a PMP.  I'm an OBM.  I like academics and learning.  I have consistently had high profile, high pressure jobs and experienced the burnout associated with trying to be a high achiever.  I'm learning to balance performance and mental health.  

I'm married to my husband of 16 years, Josh.  He has been along for this mental health ride and knows when I'm going to have some sort of anxiety meltdown before I do.  We have 2 kids, B1 and B2.  They are pre-teens now and starting to be awkward about what I post about them.   A lot of my mental health journey revolves around them (they were the catalyst for me realizing I had a problem and getting help).  So, when I write about them and I'm choosing not to name them here, even though I'm sure they have been named in other places.  Please try to respect them.  ANY negative comments related to them will be immediately removed, no chances. Mama B in full effect.  The internet is wonderful and gross all at the same time.  

Welcome to the Anxious Adult.  It will be full of swear words, coffee, and stuff that I like and think you might like too.  If this doesn't resonate with you, that's fine, I'm not supposed to be liked by everyone.  If you like this place and feel at home here, feel free to stay awhile.  Show up in your sweatpants, take your shoes off, curl up on the couch with a blanket.  We can watch some Netflix in silence and drink coffee or wine.  My house is also a huge mess, so, just step over the pile of shoes, backpacks and cat toys as you curl up on the couch.  

Thanks for being here.  I love you already.


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